Strawberry Hill Resort Appoints New Head Chef

Strawberry Hill Resort appoints new head chef Kingsley McGregor to continue trend of fresh, authentic Jamaican cuisine

Long-time Sous Chef Is Master of Jamaica’s Most Colorful Foods

JAMAICA (June 20, 2007) – At Strawberry Hill, the boutique hotel and spa perched 3,100 ft. up in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, eating authentic Jamaican fare is a treasured tradition. To continue and improve this trend, the resort has selected Jamaican born and raised Kingsley McGregor as the new Head Chef, thanks to his mastery of both local and international Jamaican Nouveau Cuisine.

Originally from Irish Town, the same village where Strawberry Hill resides, Kingsley has spent the past 13 years tantalizing palates as sous chef for Strawberry Hill. With his recent promotion to Head Chef, Kingsley has expanded the menus for lunch and dinner, and increased the variety and incorporated traditional recipes such as “One Pot Soups” using all local ingredients.

Kingsley’s dishes are a tribute to the local farming communities. The famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is cultivated processed and roasted at Tyman’s Plantation up the road. At Strawberry Hill, the lush hillsides are covered in Robusta and Chinese Sweet Bananas. Local farmers supply carrots, scallion, cho-cho, avocado pear, pineapples, ackee and tomatoes just to name a few. Herbs and spices grown in the resort’s vegetable garden include spearmint, lemongrass, dill, and cilantro, and a newly planted tropical orchard gives way to mangoes, Otaheite apples, naseberry, pomegranate, jack fruit and sweet sop.

Strawberry Hill guests can further explore Jamaican cuisine with cooking lessons from Chef McGregor. Classes run at $75 per person and are available to a minimum of two people (maximum of six) with two-week advanced reservations. Sessions include: a morning market trip to purchase fresh vegetables, fish and ingredients, featuring cultural education discussions along the way; a typical Jamaican lunch; a hands-on lesson from Chef McGregor in preparation of the food; and a copy of the recipe so guests can share their new cooking skills with friends at home.

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