Island Outpost Announces "Jamaica Proud History" Package

Island Outpost Announces “Jamaica Proud History” Package

Guests Step Into Jamaica’s Vibrant Past When Visiting Boutique Jamaican Properties

JAMAICA (March 6, 2007) – Jamaica’s history is a tale of independent thinkers and champions of freedom. Island Outpost celebrates Jamaica’s heroes with its new Jamaica’s Proud History packages. Offering glimpses into the past, they allow guests to experience authentic Jamaican spirit at the island’s most hip retreats – Strawberry Hill, Jake’s, GoldenEye and The Caves.

Famous for its trendy locales, chic accommodations and exceptional service, Island Outpost immerses visitors into the very best of Caribbean life. Island Records and Palm Pictures founder Chris Blackwell created this unique collection as a testament to the charmingly distinct culture of Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Guests booking seven nights or more in any one or combination of two Jamaican properties receive a customized tour as follows:


Deeded by the British Royal Family to Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, in 1780, Strawberry Hill initially served as coffee and strawberry plantation. In the latter 18th century, it facilitated a Naval Hospital. Chris Blackwell acquired Strawberry Hill in 1972 and creatively restored the house and gardens after Hurricane Gilbert. It received the National Heritage Architecture Awards in 1986. Today, its twelve airy cottages, designed by Ann Hodges and bathed in mountain mists, cluster beside the Caribbean’s only Aveda Concept Spa. Rates, based on double occupancy, begin from $395 per room, per night and include meals, beverage and airport transfers.

As part of the Jamaica’s Proud History Package, guests receive a guided tour of Spanish Town, Jamaica’s former capital which boasts fine Georgian architecture, as well as Kingston Harbor. The Jamaica National Gallery showcases the history of Jamaica’s art movement. Devon House, the opulent home of George Stiebel, who made his fortunes in Venezuela’s gold mines, is a showcase for Caribbean antiques.

JAKE’S, Treasure Beach

It’s said Scottish sailors were shipwrecked off Treasure Beach in the 19th century and are responsible for today’s preponderance of red skin, red hair and blue & green eyes. The reclusiveness of Treasure Beach has shaped its friendly character, as buffered by the Santa Cruz Mountains. The bohemian atmosphere comes as no surprise at Jake’s, set near a small fishing community. Run by the Henzell family, the 29-room resort set the scene for Jimmy Cliff’s The Harder They Come, regarded as the hippest Caribbean film of all time. Funky designs remain today, as Morrocan domes and arches bloom, shells and beads adorn the walls, while decks skim the waves. Rates begin at $115 per room per night, based on double occupancy.

Guests of the Jamaica’s Proud History package earn a guided tour of Accompong, home of the Maroons, who settled here in 1749 after the mighty Cudjoe signed an independence treaty with British authority. The Cockpit County region is called the “land of look behind” – easy to see why the Maroons came here to hide. On the return to Jake’s, visit the Appleton Rum Estate, the largest distillery in Jamaica, operating since 1749.

GOLDENEYE, Oracabessa

GoldenEye’s history was established in 1946 when debonair Englishman, Commander Ian Fleming, purchased 15 acres in the thriving banana seaport town of Oracabessa. Peace, privacy and a rich landscape allowed Fleming to create the 20th century’s most successful action hero – James Bond. Fleming wrote 13 novels here, delighting in the landscape’s richness. Today, it is a boutique resort laced with beaches, tropical forests, caves and secluded nooks. Intimate and informal, its villas – four on a sea bluff, one overlooking a cove – attract celebs and luxury lovers. Based on double occupancy, rates begin at $750 per night and include all meals and beverages.

Take a guided tour of Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s birthplace, the 18th century seaport town of St. Ann’s Bay. The Printery on Main Street – with centuries-old market topped by a wooden clock tower – still uses printing machines of the Garvey-era. Go west to view the first Spanish settlement, built in 1509 – Sevilla ls Nueva. Or go even further, tracing the past near Port Maria to Firefly, the former home of the Taino, Captain Henry Morgan and Sir Noel Coward.


Set atop a volcanic cliff honeycombed with grottoes, The Caves is a wonder of nature and romance. Ten hand-crafted cottages nestle into this verdant landscape of rocky cliffs and turquoise water, crowned by a petite Aveda spa. Small wonder The Caves has been named the best Caribbean Hotel by Trip Advisor, a leading travel search site. Rates begin from $495 per room per night, based on double occupancy and includes all meals and beverages.

In the 18th century, Jamaica became the world’s largest sugar producer. Frome Central Sugary Factory opened in 1939. Visit the factory, where Alexander Bustamante mediated a radical labor dispute, resulting in Jamaica’s first organized political party. Paradise Park, near Ferris Cross, has a small 18th century house and an ancient Taino village. 18th century Negril was a pirate haven to prey on Spanish ships traveling to Cuba – buccaneer ‘Calico Jack’ was among the notorious.

Island Outpost’s Jamaica’s Proud History packages are subject to availability. Surcharges and taxes are additional. History tours at all properties are available for less than seven-night stays with an additional premium. Please contact Island Outpost for further details.

About Island Outpost:

Created by Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and Palm Pictures, Island Outpost properties are known for their interesting character and stunning surroundings and strive to offer their clients a feeling reminiscent of staying at a friend’s home. The group includes GoldenEye, Strawberry Hill, Jake’s, and The Caves in Jamaica, Compass Point and Pink Sands in The Bahamas and an exclusive selection of villas.

For more information or to make bookings, call 1-800-OUTPOST or visit, 00800 688 76781 in the UK.


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