Harpers Bazaar Features All The Island Outpost Hotels

Harpers Bazaar, January 2014

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Island Outpost was recently featured in an amazing article called Wild Honeymoon. This article describes a honeymooning couple’s tour of Jamaican resorts. This couple explored four Jamaican hotels on their honeymoon and three of which were Island Outpost resorts. The story told from the wife’s point of view is beautifully depicted yet extremely hysterical and real. She gives extensive detail of their day by day moves throughout Jamaica and leaves nothing to the imagination, you feel as though you were there with them.

Their honeymoon was a nine-night tour, five of these nights spent with us at Island Outpost. Their first two nights they stayed at our Strawberry Hill resort. The wife describes an unbelievable moment her and her husband had when they woke up to eight rainbows wrapping across the sky. After a few nights at another Jamaican resort the couple found themselves at GoldenEye for a fun filled day and then ended their honeymoon with three nights at The Caves which is one of the more secluded Island Outpost resorts.

The honeymoon events were far from picture perfect with some first time marital bumps in the road but thankfully with the resorts that were chosen all was not lost for this honeymoon. We thank this great couple for choosing us for their Jamaican honeymoon excursion and welcome them back anytime they would like.