Image Mag Features Strawberry Hill Hotel as a Natural Mystic

Image Magazine, September 2014

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Island Outpost’s Strawberry Hill was featured in the September 2014 edition ofImage magazine in the travel section. The segment titled, Natural Mystic, explained the accommodations as a spectacular assembly of colonial cottages decorating a village on a mountaintop settled peacefully in Jamaica’s tropical microclimate. The article explains that Bob Marley himself was very fond of this little mountain village. He called it his secret bolt-hole and his pearl necklace. That may be because of the area’s breath-taking views of clouds dancing through the mountaintops; or maybe the traditional ackee and saltfish cooking and Blue Mountain coffee created to be enjoyed alongside gentle vantage points. The article claimed the view as Bob Marley’s choice complete with the song of the nearby waterfall and the wild fruit tree fragrances filling the air. Image ends the article by saying, “… if it’s good enough for Mr. Marley…”