Island Sport Trust

Our Mission

To develop & implement quality physical activity programmes for youth and to strengthen the sporting provision & structure available in St. Mary.


The Island Sport Trust is a dynamic project of the Oracabessa Foundation, a non-profit organization. It was established in May 1998, with a grant from Island Jamaica Ltd. It is working to effect positive change and establish a bright future for young Jamaicans in sport.

Island Sport Trust Believes:

That all young persons have the right to:

- Experience & enjoy physical activity
– An introduction to physical activity suited to their own level of ability
– Develop a range of sport skills and progress along a structured pathway of sporting opportunities
– Quality instruction and resources
– Develop good sporting attitudes
– Experience and benefit from positive competition
– A sound foundation for lifelong physical activity

We Are Achieving This By:

- Promoting the benefit of physical activity for young people.
– Delivering TOP Programmes – a series of structured, linked and progressive physical education opportunities for young people.
– Providing opportunities for children to play competitive, formalized sport.
– Providing training for teachers, sport leaders, coaches and parents.
– Developing Jamaican resources for all those involved in physical activity.
– Offering information and advice for agencies working in youth sport.

Our Programmes

The Island Sport Trust runs a wide range of sport related programs designed to strengthen the pathways, people and places of sport in Jamaica.

IRIE Sport

Developing Sport Leadership skills in 14-18 year olds
– Over 75 Youth Sport Leaders trained
– Leaders have volunteered well over 3,000 hours of community sport service

Primary School Sports Leagues

Boys and Girls Football (Soccer), Basketball and Netball for 10-12 year olds
– Over 600 children participate each year

Oracabessa Sports Council

- Ensuring local control over local sport
– Over 500 persons a year participating in:
– U15 Football
– U19 Football
– Open Netball
– Ladies Cricket

Running Sport

Building the capacity of local sports clubs through targeted workshops
– 35 Local Sport Club Administrators trained

Everyone Wins With Fair Play

Bringing Principles of Fair Play into Schools – Fair Play packs distributed to all schools in Primary School League

Caribbean Coaching Certification Programme

Building the knowledge base of local coaches
– 15 Local coaches certified

Umpire/Referee Training Programme

Building capacity of local sporting officials
– 20 Football referees and netball umpires trained

Sport Resource Centre

Books and videos available on check out basis