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Inside Outpost

An Island Outpost Insider’s Guide to Jamaica

A unique new experience service for Island Outpost guests providing insights into Jamaica’s culture, nature, heritage and musical scene that no one else can offer. By sharing deep-rooted knowledge from Chris Blackwell’s days of founding Island Records, Inside Outpost will allow guests to enjoy privileged access, one-off experiences and exclusive overnight offerings.

A Day at Pantrepant

Drive through interior countryside to visit the stunning farm property of Pantrepant, Island Outpost’s exclusive retreat in the foothills of the Cockpit Country...For more information click here

License to Thrill

An early morning Jet Ski safari from GoldenEye in Oracabessa Bay past hidden coves and deserted beaches including Dr. No’s lair at Crab Key and Dunn’s River where James and Quarrel hid from Dr. No’s machine...For more information click here

Bob Marley Trod

Take a scenic journey through the story of the singer-songwriter, musician, and social change advocate who evolved into a global symbol for peace...For more information click here

One Love Rastafari

Recognized by dreadlocked hair, intense musical expression, and the smoking of Cannabis as a religious sacrament, Rastafari is a way of life not confined to any standard definition...

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The Port Antonio Experience

Take a full-day adventure off the beaten track to the town of Port Antonio.  Spectacular natural beauty, an abundance of rain forests, untouched landscapes with fewer tourists, this part of the island is steeped in lush green vegetation and old world sensibilities....

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The Blue Mountain Coffee Trail

Follow an old footpath up the hill between two historic coffee properties, from Wallenford Coffee Works —now Heritage Garden of Cold Spring— to the Clifton Mount Coffee Estate....

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Tea with Laura Facey

Controversial, honest, powerful –these are the words that describe sculptor Laura Facey and her work that has now spanned some 40 years....

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Kingston Rocking

Take a roving road trip through the city.  Sightseeing, people-watching, souvenir shopping, eats, sweets, treats and enticements....

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Root of Roots

An extensive music tour showcasing the evolution of Jamaican music from the sounds of the first Jamaicans the Taino Indians, to Ska, Mento, Rocksteady, Reggae and everything in between...

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12 Days in Jamaica

As any Jamaican will tell you, the ultimate experiences on island are best lived through a road trip, and this one can be completely tailored to encompass as much or as little as you’d like to do....

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For bookings and more information, call Inside Outpost at 1-844-4-INSIDE and [email protected]