Conde Nast Traveler Features The Strawberry Hill in Top 40

Conde Naste Traveler, November 2015

Conde Nast Traveler recently highlighted Island Outpost in their “Word of Mouth” section. Billed as the section where travel writers write about the places they “can’t stop talking about”, Conde Nast profiled the luxurious, food and lifestyle-centric experience vacationers who choose to stay at Pantrepant enjoy. This farmstead, located in the west of Jamaica, is Chris Blackwell’s residence and is now available to overnight guests staying at the resort. The sprawling property is a lush, green space where vacationers can pick their own fruit for breakfast and snacks, milk cows in the dairy, and enjoy the privacy and luxury of island life with hiking, swimming and farm fresh meals expertly prepared and served al fresco. Blackwell believes that food is one of the most important aspects of the Jamaican experience and it shows.

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