Strawberry Hill Foundation

Strawberry Hill Community Foundation, located in the Blue Mountains in Irish Town, St. Andrew, Jamaica, has worked towards supporting the local community from encouraging environmental protection to creating job opportunities. Many of our projects thus far have been completed through the Strawberry Hill Jamaica Resort, which ultimately led to the formation of the official charitable foundation.

Projects of the foundation include:

  1. The re-roofing of St. Mark’s Church in Irish Town, St. Andrew.
  2. In 1989 Strawberry Hill Community Foundation established and has donated annually for ten years, to the Harmony Prep School. The school has grown and evolved to now be the Liberty Academy Prep and High school in Kingston, educating students ages 5-16 years old.
  3. Assisting the Jamaica Defense Force with helicopter approach and landing training, as well as permitting access to Strawberry Hill Hotel’s helipad.
  4. Donating musical instruments and creating a music club for enthusiastic students at Craighton Primary School.
  5. Implementing a “dollar per night” optional donation for guests staying at Strawberry Hill to the Mount Horeb Conservation at Blue Mountain and John Crow National Park.
  6. Hosting an annual Christmas dinner for elders of the local Irish Town, Redlight community.
  7. Organizing an annual Christmas candlelight walk with live music.
  8. Donating land and a building to establish and run the local Irish Town Health Clinic, with upwards of 450 patients. This has since been closed and will become the headquarters for the SHCF. SHCF plans to apply for grants and open a clinic on the same land.

With operations based in Irish Town, the Strawberry Hill Community Foundation works closely with Island ACTS, the umbrella non-profit organization associated with Island Outpost.

After working with existing community groups and organizations such as the Redlight, Irishtown & Middleton Citizens Association, Craighten Primary School and the Coffee Board’s Eco-Friendly Coffee Project, the foundation has formed strong relationships throughout the community, and is now in the process of completing a comprehensive plan of advancement for the village of Irishtown and Redlight. This blueprint includes implementing a recycling program, clearing and planting public pathways, and supporting local businesses throughout the villages.


The Strawberry Hill Foundation is a not for profit organization based out of Irish Town, St. Andrew, Jamaica. The organization is equipped with the necessary staff and a facility to effectively manage and promote community-based projects aimed at the development of education, environmental issues and health care. Through selling items and services from various projects, the Foundation will be 40% self-sufficient, while long-term donors, partners and project-based grant assistance will provide the remainder of funding.

Mission Statement

The Strawberry Hill Foundation aims to foster local partnerships working towards the improvement of community health, financial stability, and environmental aesthetic. Through these developments, our goal is to empower the community by providing motivated individuals with the necessary resources to build self-esteem, and a sense of agency for themselves and their community.

Corporate Values


Strawberry Hill Foundation strives to be a model non-profit organization. We instill our governance board with the knowledge of strong and effective practices, and encourage leadership and initiative among our staff.


Strawberry Hill Foundation expects accountability from all stakeholders. We will adhere to high ethical standards, and honor our professional relationships with fairness and respect.


Strawberry Hill Foundation encourages teamwork, and is a proponent of diversity in knowledge and experience. We are constantly utilizing this diversity to improve our products and services in assisting the community.


Through job creation and offering training in important life-skills, we plan to expedite and improve community development. Additionally, through teaching eco-friendly practices and inspiring an appreciation for nature and the environment, we will impact the local environment as well as increase environmental awareness throughout the community.