Island Outpost: Helping Jamaican Agriculture with Tourism

Jamaica Agriculture

In addition to its own farm in Trewlany Parish, Pantrepant, Island Outpost supports Jamaica agriculture and, in turn, the Jamaican economy through its purchase of fresh produce, meats and seafood.


Established in 1758, Pantrepant occupies hundreds of acres in the far west of Jamaica. Pantrepant nestles on the banks of the roaring Martha Brae River in the heart of what is known as ‘Cockpit Country’, so called because of the sinkholes that dot the area’s limestone escarpments.

The Caves initiative

At stunning cliff-side property The Caves in Negril, nearly all fresh produce is a product of the surrounding community. Ripe local fruits and ground provisions are gown and delivered by farmers in surrounding communities. Minimal pesticides are used and farmers hold a commitment to using environmentally-friendly products. These methods help preserve the bold flavors of the island’s tastiest products.

Strawberry Hill initiative

With rolling green hills covered in mountain mists, Jamaica’s lush Blue Mountains are home to the peaceful sanctuary of Strawberry Hill Hotel & Spa, originally one of the first Blue Mountain coffee farms of the 19th century. Today, the architecture of the spa, restaurant and cottages are carefully nestled amongst the gardens and landscape now home to many varieties of trees, ferns, and shrubs.