The Lush Garden and Farm at Strawberry Hill Jamaica Resort

Gardens & Farm

Sublime mountaintop views, a refreshing island breeze and sumptuous gardens and landscaping make Strawberry Hill Jamaica Resort an unprecedented resort for those seeking comfort, relaxation and a rejuvenating alternative to the traditional getaway.

Developed as early as 1890 as a coffee farm, the grounds at Strawberry Hill Jamaica Resort reflect the historical timeline and environmental attentiveness of the property. The main canopy, which lines the original driveway, is composed of juniper (Juniperus barbadea) with specimens of cedar (Cedrela odoratissma), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus nicolae) and mango (Mangifera indica). Over the years, many species have been grown on the property, including flowers ranging from roses to giant philodendrons. As of present, three hundred and fifty endemic and exotic species have been catalogued.

The gardens are an going project, considering that four out of a possible ten acres of terraced land, not including thirty-five acres of slopes facing South, North and South West, have been refined. The upper western slopes have been cultivated since the 19th century in coffee. The northern slopes are a secondary forest with a canopy of Clethra occidentalis, Podocarpus urbanii, Cecropia peltata and Hedyosmum arborescens. As a result from having been exposed to the prevailing winds, the upper southern slopes are completely covered with Panicum vulgaris (guines grass). The ongoing mission is to establish an expansion program that will include both amenity and commercial collections representing a portion of the past and future of tropical gardens and gardening in Jamaica.

The Farm

We are proud to present our Strawberry Hill Farm. Read more about it's Climate, Aspects and Canopies, Coffee Cultivation and more!