Georgian Style Cottages in Strawberry Hill Jamaica Resort

Rooms & Suites

Strawberry Hill’s 12 deluxe Georgian style cottages respect the proportions, materials and craftsmanship of authentic 19th century Caribbean design. Luxurious, airy and romantic, they feature all the practical amenities of modern living as well as a tasteful indulgence for the finer pleasures in life. The rooms, ranging from one bedrooms, studios and luxury villas, are individually handcrafted living spaces with an emphasis on detailed fretwork and furniture that was tooled and finished on site.


Birds Hill

A richly romantic 1,500 sq. ft. single-story home with a private terrace providing breathtaking views of the island landscape.



A truly majestic 3,000 sq. ft. double-story deluxe villa featuring two bedrooms with bathrooms en suite and expansive balconies.


Mountain View 2

An enchanting 3,200 sq. ft. double-story two bedroom family house with the option to rent an additional bedroom.


Deluxe Rooms

The Timbuktus and Mountain View 1 are deluxe 400 sq. ft. rooms with elegant bedrooms, private balconies and spaciously portioned bathrooms.


Studio Suites

Situated on the mountaintop to stunning effect, Gong, Tree, Cedar and 59 Steps at 480 sq. ft. each, make up the property’s four studios suites.

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