Philosophy of the Living Spa at Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill Living

The Strawberry Hill Living Philosophy

Strawberry Hill Living is the result of the Aveda and Strawberry Hill teams who have carefully designed a complete spa and rejuvenation regime.

Strawberry Hill Living integrates the Elemental Nature philosophy originally developed by Aveda, which is inspired by plant-based healing traditions from around the world.This philosophy is grounded in the Ayurvedic belief that everything in the universe – including us – is composed of five elements: Infinity, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Your Strawberry Hill Living experience begins from the moment you check-in. Indulge in island-fresh juices and warm towels gently laced with organic aromas, complemented by soothing Reggae rhythms and a balmy Caribbean breeze. Once settled into your scenic room, you are invited to experience your first Strawberry Hill Living Elemental Nature session. This session helps to identify your Elemental Nature, and allows us to guide and enhance your stay at Strawberry Hill. Our desire is to create a customized guest experience, whereby everything from your aroma of preference to specialized spa treatments to bespoke dining to invigorating tours and activities are integrated into a ongoing sense of wellness and comfort throughout your stay.

The understanding and integration of this philosophy allows each member of the Strawberry Hill service team, managed by founders Paula and Jonathan Surtees, to customize your stay. The elements are carefully woven into the entire Strawberry Hill property in order to ensure a fulfilling and if necessary, transformative retreat.

The Surtees, who are close family members of Chris Blackwell’s, have been at the property since its inception and are integral both personally and professionally to the Strawberry Hill lifestyle. More than a hotel experience, Strawberry Hill offers a singular approach to “home-away-from-home living.” Ultimately, the hope is that you will carry a part of Jamaica with you so that your Strawberry Hill experience becomes an extension that is reflected and echoed in your daily life.