Explore St. Mark’s Church and the Redlight Village

St. Mark’s Church

St. Mark’s Church & Redlight Village

Length of hike: 20 minutes

Everyone, no matter how short their visit to Strawberry Hill, should hike to St. Mark’s and Redlight. Go down the Strawberry Hill drive. At the main road go left toward Redlight.

The church is charming and the cemetery interesting with graves dating from early 1800’s. It was severely damaged in Hurricane Gilbert and care was taken to restore it to it’s original design and use of materials.

The path up to the church is on your right, after the UCC Craighton sign, or you can walk all the way to Redlight and follow the road just past Myrie’s Wall. It’s a lovely stroll, the very mild scramble up the side path to the church provides very “light adventure”. A few of the earlier tombs identify the reason why the Army camp was moved up into the mountains from Kingston, many died from malaria and yellow fever.